Friday, August 13, 2010

BBQ fundraiser

I (Jennifer Pletcher) held a BBQ fundraiser this past summer for the first time.  It wasn't much work, and a lot of fun!  We wanted to include our family in friends in an event, so for $25/person ($50/family -  no matter what size) we gave everyone a BBQ lunch, drink, dessert, and a Finley's Fighters magnet.  Plus I brailled a Finley's Fighters bookmark for every person who wanted one.

We started advertising in about May.  I made a simple flier on my computer and we passed it out/mailed it to our family and friends.  And they told their family and friends.  I posted it on my blog.  We made a simple Google website where people could sign up right on line if they wanted to.  We put an article in the local paper about Finley and our BBQ.

We set up in my parent's backyard.  We had over 100 people RSVP, and expected some walk ins as well (both were welcome).  We had family volunteers make the food, and help us set it up.  It cost us about $200 to feed over 100 people.  Not bad!

Profit - over $5000.  You will find that even people who cannot come to the BBQ will want to donate.  We got about $2000 of that $5000 in the mail around the time of the BBQ from people who were away and couldn't attend.

I sent thank you cards to everyone (and magnets to anyone who couldn't get one that day).  Many people put those magnets on their fridge and on their car, and since then we have gotten more donations, and more awareness!