Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tips donated from restaurant

Tips donated from restaurant – We have had two of these. Our two friends (each on different occasions, and different restarurants) asked if we could do a “Gavin’s Groupies” night. In doing so, they would donate ALL of their personal tips from that night. In total, we received about $1,500! It works great, because if you get someone willing to do so, you can bring the restaurant some business and exposure. In turn, the generous person donating their tips, may even get recurring customers.

Get the restaurant/bars ok and put up info about what the money is going towards.  Ours was VisionWalk, so we had flyers.  All with Gavin's picture and story.  We even got a $200 tip/donation from one table!
(Total raised was about $1,476)

*Again use Facebook/eVite to create the event, so friends can also pass around the info via the web.

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