Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Night Without Light

Night without Light – LOTS of work, but so worth it.  We labeled this is as a “thank you” dinner for all of our donors to date (who donated at least $25). Of course, you get people who hear about it, who have not already donated, and they want to donate to get invited. Worked like a charm! We also had our donation jar there, and we also handed out our flyers and we talked about LCA and Gavin for 10 minutes prior to the dinner.  We had picture boards of past 'Gavin's Groupies' events.  We wanted our guests to get in the mode of the inspiration behind the event. My blog is called “Every child should be able to see a Sunset”, and we had a cocktail served that night called a Sunset. This drink cost $3, but we pulled in about $100 from tips from this drink!

The key with this, was we wanted it to be pitch black.  This took some work sealing up the windows, as well as a "holding area" where our servers could run the food that also had to be pitch black, and sealed properly. Each guest got a dinner booklet that we made, and we sold our 'Gavin's Groupies' and wristbands at a table as the guest left.  ($2,000 total raised)

Pictures are here.

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