Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rummage/Bake Sale

Rummage/Bake Sale – This worked like a charm!  We worded it at such, "help a great cause and don’t do anything!" So we asked people to have us take their junk off their hands! We did the pick up of the stuff, and some people dropped it off to the house in which the sale was held.  With that, we advertised if anyone wanted to participate in the bake sale, they could. We wrapped the goodies in cellophane, with bright orange ribbon (our team color), and attaching a little tag with our website for VisionWalk. We got it cleared with the city if we don’t sell the baked goods, but rather call it a donation price for each of the baked items. This way we didn’t have to pay for the city permits. This takes people in your circle who have trucks to pick up stuff and a garage big enough to store it. We also advertised it for free in the paper, and had a table with more flyers for VisionWalk and a donation can, to try to recruit more walkers.

*We raised $2,400.  Only out of pocket cost was the cellophane/ribbon, signs for sale.

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